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Bible Cities and Holy Lands

This site is about the people and cities of the bible:

  • palaces, fortresses, towns
  • stories of famous people
  • archaeology, houses, customs

Read about the land of the Bible, and the kings and queens, heroes and villains who lived there.

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Online Bible Study

Jerusalem online

JERUSALEM - David's royal city, sacred city of the Bible; Temple reconstructions, Jesus in Jerusalem, Herod the mad genius
Read more

Nazareth online

NAZARETH - home town of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; life in an ancient village in Israel; customs, archaeology, pictures
Read more

Jericho bible

JERICHO - did the walls really come tumbling down? Joshua and Rahab at Jericho; luxury palaces of King Herod the Great
Read more

Jezreel online

JEZREEL - Jezebel, Elijah and Naboth; murder, intrigue and violence in an ancient Jewish city; cosmetics, clothes of royal women
Read more


LACHISH - ancient warfare: battles, weapons, siege engines, and walls built to withstand any enemy - until the Assyrian siege
Read more

Dan online

DAN - pagan shrine and altar, ancient gods and goddesses, the clash between Jahweh and Canaanite gods Baal and Asherah
Read more

Masada online

MASADA - luxury hideaway and remote, impregnable fortress, - until the Romans came; mass suicide of the Zealots
Read more


HERODIUM - half fortress, half luxury palace - eventually the tomb of its builder, the mad King Herod, slayer of the Innocents
Read more

Maps bible

MAPS - Israel and surrounding countries in different periods of history; Jerusalem from King David's era to the time of Jesus
Read more

This Online Bible Study of Holy Lands and Cities can be used as a guide for Teachers, Schools and Church Study Groups. View online bible study guides.

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Each section has interesting facts and details as well as a rich set of resources, galleries, activities and guides.


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